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      Welcome to Wild (Rizhao) Garden Machinery Co., Ltd.!

      HOTLINE+86 (0)633 3601019

       Wild (Rizhao) Garden Machinery Co., Ltd.

      Wood chippers, composters and recycling
      Our wood chippers and composters can help you to reduce the volume of green waste, clean up and condition the soil and save a lot of handling and garbage costs.
      They are useful in many fields, for tree maintenance, ground care, forestry, gardening, landscaping, and suitable for processing many kinds of vegetation: deciduous trees, conifers, timber wood, pine trees, palm leaves, banana leaves, coconuts, etc., all kinds of BIO–material.
      In any area of the world, from the cool to the tropical areas.
      Soil conditioning
      Wood chips have many uses. Mulching with wood chips conserves soil moisture, reduces weeds, and cools the soil. All of these benefits help to make your plants healthier.
      Mulch can help your plants grow faster with fewer insect and disease problems.
      Another use for wood chips is to cover garden and yard pathways. Wood chips add a natural element to the landscape.
      Green environment
      Wood chips and other BIO-material can also be used as compost. Instead of burning wooden branches and other green materials, it can be decresased into smaller pieces and used for fertilization of the soil.
      Using compost in organic farming is an environmentally friendly and a good alternative for chemical fertilization.
      Our compact models are suitable to move into all kinds of yards, from small gardens to big orchards.
      Taking our air quality more in consideration, composting is a much environmentally friendly alternative than burning waste materials.
      Quality, service and innovation
      Our machines are compact, stable and reliable, easy to handle, and innovative designed for and by professionals.
      To keep the machines in good contition they need to be maintained. We are happy to supply you all parts and information you need.
      We provide trainings in our education center and on request in-house.
      As we know you need reliability, so quality and service has our top priority. To make sure your machine can do its job, anywhere on our green planet.

      GTS1800| GTS1300| GTS900| GTS750| GTS600| Ergonomic Harness|



      • Multifunction chippers with two output chute.
      • Choose low output chute when chipping branches wet and fresh.
      • Choose high output chute when chipping dry branches.

      about us ?

      Wild (Rizhao) Garden Machinery Co., Ltd.

      De Wild (Rizhao) Garden Machinery Co, established in Rizhao, Shandong Province, China since 2006 is engaged in the production of chipper and shredding machinery for global markets. The factory is a 100% Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE). The head office,Technische Handelmaatschappij J. de Wild B.V. (www.de-wild.nl) is located in Roosendaal, The Netherlands.Chipping or shredding garden waste is the next step in the ecological cycle because the output of the machines can be used for soil improvement or natural fertilizer. Our aim is to fully understand our customers demands and to translate these demands into shredding solutions. Our DE WILD team is working every day to achive this goal. 

      FAQ more

      The branches are not pulled in by the wood chipper very well. Why is that?
      The blades have become dull which causes reducing of the pull in force. It is ..
      Where can I have my wood chipper blades grinded?
      For all our models we recommend you have your blades grinded at the local profes..
      The wood chipper seems clogged. Why is that?
      The material you have put in is probably of low weight. Like for example big sof..


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